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=O -Gasp-

This is Laney. -Points downwards- And this is my buddy, Information. You can call him Info for short though. =D

Just The Basics

Name: Laney
Age: 11
Sex/Sexuality: Female/Straight
Birthday: March 16th
Location: Georgia
Hobbies: Drawing, talking
What would you label yourself?: I don't care; "Prep" by other peoples.
Picture: No piccy! GASP!


Who's your favorite family member?: Meh dad
Who do you live with?: Mom
Have any pets?: Sushie the Fishie
Brothers/Sisters?: Two brothers.
Oldest, Middle, or Youngest child?: ;-; Youngest
How many true best friends do you have?: 2
What group of people [as in a label] do you hang out with?: "Preps"
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? If so, what is their name and how long have you guys been together?: Nooope.

Top 5 Favorite Movies: Spiderman 2, Shrek, Lord of the Rings, Uptown Girls, and Pirates of the Carribean
Favorite Bands [up to 20]: Linkin Park, Blink 182, Good Charlotte, Nickelback, Nirvana, Simple Plan, Bowling for Soup.
5+ Favorite Songs: Blink 182 - Stockholm Syndrome, Good Charlotte - My Bloody Valentine, Linkin Park - Nobody's Listening, Evanescence - Going Under, Bowling for Soup - Girl All the Bad Guys Want
5+ Favorite Tv Shows: Who's Line is it Anyway?, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Degrassi, Teen Titans, Dedicate Live
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite type of Music: Alternate Rock
3-5 Favorite Actresses: Lauren Collins, Drew Barrymore, Lindsay Lohan
3-5 Favorite Actors: Tom Hanks, Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt

This or That
Preppy or no?: No
Sweet or sour?: Sweet
Hot or cold?: Cold
Summer or winter?: Summer
Spring or fall?: Fall
Internet or tv?: Internet
Music or movies?: Music
Strawberry or banana?: Strawberry
Kiwi or mango?: Mango

Random/Community Stuff
Are you conceited?: -Nods- Uberly
Do you care what others think of you?: Hell no.
Are you a bitch?: Hm... It depends on the definition. >=) Yes.
Are you a party girl?: -Shakes head- Not really.
Why do you want to join this community?: Because I'm a whorebag? -Shifty eyes- RaeRae you're weeeeired. =D
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