Tiff (lppunkrocker07) wrote in cs_girls,

..and I'm about to break

Got invited by Rae..

Just The Basics

Name: Tiff
Age: 15
Sex/Sexuality: Female/Straight
Birthday: January 2
Location: Illinois
Hobbies: Writing poetry, drawing, webdesign, concerts, hanging out with friends, etc?
What would you label yourself? I say I am more original but if you wanted to label me, you'd probably say "OMG!!1111111 SHE'S GOTHIC/PUNK RAWK!11111"

Emoish looking picture..

An okay picture..

I like the glasses.. xd


Who's your favorite family member? I don't know? A cousin maybe? *shrug*
Who do you live with? My mom and dad.
Have any pets? 2 cats and a bird.
Brothers/Sisters? Nada.
Oldest, Middle, or Youngest child? Only child.
How many true best friends do you have? I'd say 3 or 4.
What group of people [as in a label] do you hang out with? Goth, punk, and emo. o.o
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? If so, what is their name and how long have you guys been together? Nope

Top 5 Favorite Movies: Linkin Park: Frat Party At The Pankake Festival,The Matrix, The Wedding Singer, Empire Records, and The Breakfast Club.
Favorite Bands [up to 20]: Linkin Park(my most favorite band in the world. xD), Korn, Metallica, System of a Down, Funeral For a Friend, Rammstein, Taking Back Sunday, Killswitch Engage, Slipknot, etc etc..
5+ Favorite Songs: Every LP song there is, almost every Korn song, Cute Without The E - Taking Back Sunday, and many other songs.
5+ Favorite Tv Shows: The Assistant, Bug Juice, Mad TV, etc?
Favorite Color: Red, black, and blue.
Favorite type of Music: Hmm.. Probably rock.
3-5 Favorite Actresses: I don't really have any favorite actresses.. But.. I guess if I had to pick some, it'd be.. Julia Styles(or whatever her last name is) and Reese Witherspoon.
3-5 Favorite Actors: Andy Dick(if you consider him an actor), Adam Sandler, and.. I think that's it.

This or That
Preppy or no? no
Sweet or sour? sour
Hot or cold? cold
Summer or winter? both
Spring or fall? spring
Internet or tv? internet
Music or movies? music
Strawberry or banana? strawberry
Kiwi or mango? kiwi(never had a mango before.)

Random/Community Stuff
Are you conceited? no.
Do you care what others think of you? no.
Are you a bitch? sometimes.. -.-
Are you a party girl? not really?
Why do you want to join this community? BECAUSE IM A WHOREBAG..(or because rae told me to)
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+you like the best music, are hilarious and my tiff =D


i say yes =D
Duh. I say yes cos I invited you here.

Everyone can still list pros and cons, even though yer automatically in.

Isn't she a super smexy bitch, guys? =D