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Just The Basics

Name: Kassie
Age: fourteen
Sex/Sexuality: female / bisexual
Birthday: December 29th
Location: Illinois
Hobbies: Making braclets, writting poems, and making graphics
What would you label yourself? probably an emo nerd. :[


Who's your favorite family member? My great aunt sis. because she is great. shes like my grandma since i dont have one
Who do you live with? My mother and youngest brother
Have any pets? Yes, two cats. Angel ( the male ) and Snowball ( the female )
Brothers/Sisters? Yes, 3 brothes. Mark, Mike and Mario. No sisters
Oldest, Middle, or Youngest child? Middle child
How many true best friends do you have? maybe three or four.
What group of people [as in a label] do you hang out with? oh gosh, i hang out with all different kinds of people. i have some cheerleader friends and some skaters. thats about it. i dont have many friends. oh and some 'punks'
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? If so, what is their name and how long have you guys been together? I dont know what the deal is right now with that.

Top 5 Favorite Movies:
one.) Breakfast Club.
two.) SLC Punk
three.) Girl interupted
four.) edward sicissor hands
five.) White Orleander

Favorite Bands [up to 20]: this might be long. mest, fall out boy, taking back sunday, matchbook romance, linkin park, story of the year, the used, break the silence, simple plan, brand new, straylight run, eisley, blink - 182, good charlotte, evanescence, new found glory, my chemical romance, sum 41, avril lavigne, the atairs, finch, plus more.
5+ Favorite Songs: ``Greatest fall (of all time)`` - matchbook romance. ``Promise`` - matchbook romance. ``grande jumper`` - fall out boy. ``tiger lilly`` matchbook romance. ``rooftops`` - mest
5+ Favorite Tv Shows: I dont have any, i dont watch t.v much
Favorite Color: GREEN!
Favorite type of Music: Pop-Punk and Emo
3-5 Favorite Actresses: Molly Wringwall, Julia Roberts, Julia Stiles
3-5 Favorite Actors: Johnny Depp, Collin Farell. thats all

This or That
Preppy or no? no
Sweet or sour? sweet
Hot or cold? cold
Summer or winter? winter
Spring or fall? fall
Internet or tv? internet
Music or movies? music
Strawberry or banana? Strawberry
Kiwi or mango? Kiwi

Random/Community Stuff
Are you conceited? Not really.
Do you care what others think of you? Somtimes
Are you a bitch? Yes
Are you a party girl? No
Why do you want to join this community? Because Im a whorebag
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