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I am such a bitch. <3

Hey everyone. I'm Rae, the 'founder' of CS. I'd just like to say thanks to Aimee for getting us this lovely community. Let me tell you the CS Girl story. =]

Okay. So everyone on sig check [an AOL message board] was making these little cliques. At first, CS Girls was just to make fun of them, but obviously, it's grown into more than that.

So we started accepting more people. We ended up with a website with an application on it [www.freewebs.com/csgirlsrawk]

We have about...12-15 members right now.

So all you bitches, conceited snobs, people who aren't afraid to stand up to people, people who love themselves and are accepting of themselves, come join.

And no, I won't tell you what CS means. xD.
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